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Halaal and Haraam
  1. Nabi mentioned in a hadith that, “The body which has been nourished with Haraam will not enter Jannah.”
  2. We should, therefore, be very cautious of the things we eat and ensure that we only eat halaal food.
  3. Eating halaal food gives us the energy and strength to perform good actions. A person who eats haraam is deprived of doing good deeds.
  4. For an animal to become halaal, reciting tasmiyah (bismillah) and making zabah (slaughtering) is absolutely necessary.
Halaal Animals

The following animals are halaal to eat only if the tasmiyah is recited when slaughtering:
Cattle Sheep Goats Deer Buck
Buffalo Rabbit Camel Oxen All Poultry
Ostrich Turkey Duck Peacock Sparrow
Haraam Animals

The following animals are haraam to eat even if tasmiyah was recited when slaughtering:
Pig Hawk Cat Dogs Jackal
Snakes Worms Rats Monkey Owl
Lion Insects Elephant Lizard Snails
  1. All types of fish are halaal. However, the fish that dies naturally and floats on top of the water is not permissible to eat.
  2. Fish and locusts can be eaten without making zabah.
  3. All halaal animals that are slaughtered without reciting bismillah are also haraam.
  4. Items that contain animal fats or by-products of animals are haraam if they were slaughtered by non muslims. e.g. sweets with gelatine in it.
  5. Men are not allowed to use gold and silver jewellery.
  6. Women are allowed to wear gold, silver and imitation jewellery.
  7. Women are allowed to wear silk clothing.
  8. Besides jewellery, items that are made of pure gold or silver are not permissible for men and women to use. e.g. gold cups, plates, spoons, etc. However, if the item is of stainless steel, or it is only plated in gold or silver, then it will be permissible to use.
  9. All intoxicants and drugs, be it in any form, are haraam.
  10. The buying, selling and transporting of all intoxicants and drugs are haraam.
Few rules pertaining to things that are permissible and impermissible

  1. It is not permissible to buy meat or meat products from non muslims.
  2. It is permissible to eat the liver and tripe of the animal which was slaughtered in a halaal way.