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Creation of Hadhrat Aadam

Long long ago, when there was no life on earth, Allah Ta’ala asked the angels to go around the earth and collect sand from different parts of the world. They did as they were commanded and collected sand of different colours and textures. Allah Ta’ala then shaped the sand into the form of a human being.

One day, Allah Ta’ala spoke to the angels and told them that He wants to create a new creation from sand, who will live on earth. The angels replied, ‘O Allah! Make us in charge of the earth. We are always in your worship. We don’t ever disobey You. If you make another creation, they will cause corruption on earth and will kill one another.’ Allah Ta’ala told the angels that He knew better than them.

Allah Ta’ala then gave life to this human being. All of a sudden, this new creation started moving and life came into him. Thus Aadam came into existence. He is the first person to be created in human form and he is the first Prophet of Allah Ta’ala on earth as well. After Allah Ta’ala gave life to Aadam , he taught him the names of everything on earth (e.g. water, light, sand, tree, fruit, stone, etc.). One day, Allah Ta’ala placed a few things in front of the angels and asked them the names of these things. They replied, Subhanallah! We have no knowledge except that which You have taught us, O Allah! You are the most Knowledgeable and the Wise.’

Then Allah Ta’ala turned to Aadam and asked him to explain to the angels the names of those things. When he mentioned to them the names of those things, Allah Ta’ala said to the angels, ‘Didn’t I tell you that I have knowledge of the skies and the earth and I know what you show and what you hide.’

Iblees (shaytaan) and the command to make sajdah

Iblees (shaytaan) lived amongst the angels as a very pious creation. He was always busy in the worship of Allah Ta’ala and was known as the teacher of the angels. His name at that time was Azaazeel.

After creating Aadam , Allah Ta’ala commanded everyone to make sajdah to Hadhrat Aadam . Every single angel made sajdah except for Iblees. He became arrogant and proud. He told Allah Ta’ala, ‘How can I make sajdah to Aadam? I am better than him. I am made of fire and he is made of clay.’ Iblees did not obey the command of Allah Ta’ala, so Allah Ta’ala threw him out of Jannah and he is cursed and doomed forever. He told Allah Ta’ala that since he is going to Jahannam, he will try to take as many people from the children of Aadam with him to Jahannam. He said that he will teach them the wrong things and misguide them all.

Allah Ta’ala told him, ‘Very well! You and those who follow you will go to Jahannam. But remember, if any person makes taubah (ask for forgiveness) and repents for his sins, then I will forgive him and send him to Jannah.’


Hadhrat Aadam lived in Jannah all alone. He started feeling lonely and needed a friend to talk to. So Allah Ta’ala decided to create a wife for him. She was created from his left rib and her name was Hawwa.

Hadhrat Aadam and Hawwa (Alayhimas salaam) lived very happily in Jannah. Allah Ta’ala said to them, ‘O Aadam! You and your wife may live in Jannah! Eat whatever you want and do whatever you wish. However, do not eat the fruit of this certain tree.’

Thrown out of Jannah

One day, shaytaan came and told them that if they eat from that tree, they will live in Jannah forever. Shaytaan insisted that they should eat from the tree and promised that he is their friend. Hadhrat Aadam and his wife forgot about the command of Allah Ta’ala and ate from that tree. All of a sudden the clothes of Jannah that they were wearing disappeared from their bodies. They began covering themselves with the leaves of Jannah. They now realised that they had done something wrong.

Allah Ta’ala became displeased with them and asked them for an explanation. Hadhrat Aadam did not argue like Iblees. He accepted his mistake and asked Allah Ta’ala for forgiveness. Allah Ta’ala removed them from Jannah and sent them to live on earth. Shaytaan was also sent to live on earth. For many days, Hadhrat Aadam and his wife Hadhrat Hawa (Radi Allahu anha) roamed around the earth crying to Allah Ta’ala for their forgiveness. They were very sorry for not obeying Allah’s command. They kept on reading the following dua;
رَ رَبَّ رَ ا رَ رَ مْ رَ ااۤ رَ نۡ فُ رَ رَ ا رَ ا اِ نۡ ا رَبَّ مْ ا رَ مْ اِ مْ رَ ا رَ ا رَ مْ رَ مْ رَ ا رَ فُ نۡ رَ رَبَّ ا اِ رَ ا امْ اِ اِ نۡ رَ

O Allah! We have made a mistake and if you do not forgive us we will definitely be from those that are lost. Allah Ta’ala forgave them both and accepted their taubah (repentance). Any person who commits any sin and makes taubah, will most certainly be forgiven by Allah Ta’ala.

Children of Aadam

Hadhrat Aadam and Hadhrat Hawwa (radiyallahu anhaa) lived on Earth. They worshipped Allah Ta’ala here and were blessed with many children. This is how life started on this earth. Their family grew and spread throughout the land.

When Allah Ta’ala blessed them with children, they would get twins, (a boy and a girl in each set). After two pairs of twins were born, in order for life to carry on, the brother of one set of twins had to marry to the sister of the other set of twins. So in one pair was a boy whose name was Haabil and his sister and in the other pair was Qaabil and his sister. Haabil had to marry Qaabil’s sister and Qaabil had to marry Haabil’s sister.

The sister that Haabil had to marry was extremely beautiful and the sister that Qaabil had to marry was not so beautiful. Qaabil got very angry and jealous and argued with his brother. Hadhrat Aadam  told them not to argue but to offer a sacrifice to Allah Ta’ala and whoever’s sacrifice is accepted will have the choice of marrying whom he wants. Thus they both offered a sacrifice.

Haabil offered a fat healthy ram whilst Qaabil offered a thin piece of rejected dirty corn. In those days, a sign to show that a sacrifice will be accepted was that a fire would come down from the sky and eat up whatever was offered. It turned out that the sacrifice of Haabil was accepted. Qaabil could not control his anger and jealousy and killed his brother. This was the first murder that took place on earth.

Eventually after many years, on a Friday, Hadhrat Aadam b passed away. The angels came down from the skies and enshrouded his body. He was then buried. Lessons learnt from this incident

  1. We must always obey the commands of Allah Ta’ala.
  2. Don’t let Shaytaan mislead you in any way.
  3. Shaytaan is our enemy. We must always treat him like
  4. our enemy and not befriend him in any way.
  5. Whenever we make a mistake or commit a sin we must always accept our wrongs and make taubah.
  6. Allah Ta’ala accepts the taubah of anyone who repents.
  7. Muslims must never be jealous of one another as jealousy will destroy us.